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Jun. 10th, 2009

jedi bitch


wedding in a week and a bit.

I am going gone crazy


Feb. 22nd, 2009

jedi bitch
I am alive!

I saw Repo! The Genetic Opera last night...and it is freaking AMAZING!!!!!

Gordon is lending my the DVD so I can watch it on repeat. I love it!


Jan. 27th, 2009

but i'm a fucking demon
PMS you make my life hell....and hell for those around me.

gotta love glaring at a locker-room full of 12 year old ringette players and their moms.

thank goodness for the public (and Jake's principal) I don't PMS often

Jan. 17th, 2009

jedi bitch
A relaxing VetVamp tonight and Jake is with his BB right now. Me and Nan have been painting our nails and watching a movie....but now I am doing chores. yay

I have some pretty awesome Awesome AWESOME news to share....but it will wait until it's publicly announced! I am very excited.

Things are going okay. My boss was brought down by a horrendous I hope I don't get it.

My mom emailed me to bitch me out. Heh. I just told her all the stuff I do, hence I didn't talk to her. This is the first email I have ever gotten from her....the address I did have didn't work. SO meh. Suck it up cupcake, I have better things to do than talk to mommy-dearest.

I am awesome

jedi bitch
I bought Rhiannon a Fir Real pony tonight!

It's used, $100 from Kijiji. SO I needed to tighten some screws and it seems to have a floppy neck issue which apparently is quite common. BUT she will LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am so happy to make her so super happy :D


Nov. 4th, 2008

jedi bitch
I'm alive

I've just been so busy, and things have been odd. Not so great around here.

It's just depressing to journal about it all. :P


work is great.


why am I busy?

Treasurer of my community association,
working part-time
2 kids
teaching beading once a week
on the Good Food Junction Co-op board
creating a newsletter for the GFJ Co-op
volunteering/working at events (Take a Bite out of Climate Change, the big pow wow)
on the school parent council
housing co-op meetings

and just generally being tired.

I'm on meds that are making me gain weight, supposed to elevate my mood to normal (NOT WORKING), and they totally help me sleep-yay.

Halloween was okay except for scary drunk man who smeared blood all over my front door. :(

been asked on a date, but I refused. :/ not my type

yeah....I'll try to post something sometime. :D
jedi bitch
So I tried to console a fellow gamer's character in the Firefly larp.

yeah, saying something about how it'll be okay even though your whole family has been murdered is apparently the opposite of consoling.

I can't even ROLEPLAY being sensitive about death.

So if you tell me somebody died and wonder why I put on a neutral face, nod, and say "geez, that sucks", just know I'm TRYING to be thoughtful and kind....and shutting up. If I say to much - well I'll say TO MUCH.

For example, about 10 or so years ago (when me and my mom were trying to get along) She called me up to tell me her aunt Whinny died. I laughed. yup. Well giggled and chuckled actually. I thought it was funny. See my stepmom's aunt had just died as well. 2 aunts dieing. 1 from each of my mom's. What a coincidence! It was funny! Nobody else thought it was though. :( So I learned that laughing isn't a good response to news of death. I just chuckle on the inside now.

But honestly I think laughing about it is a fear response for me.....cuz death scares the shit outta me too.


Sep. 19th, 2008

jedi bitch

*pirate speak for I have a headache....leave me alone

Sep. 7th, 2008

jedi bitch
Had breakfast with Mark and Nicole (and now I owe them breakfast...which is good cuz that means we HAVE to hang out again - I am on to their plan!). Lots of fun, gave Nicole the button mushroom I crocheted last night (2 hours!!). I will make more cuz they're adorable, so I will take pics of those cuz I forgot to take a pic of the one I gave to Nicole.

Mark looked through my metal buttons and found a few cool ones. He didn't really want any, but he did teach me a few things. One of which was that this one decorative button is actually a japanese uniform button. I'll have to keep a look out for more. Also the green military jacket I wear is actually not a cadet jacket like I thought, but a Korean war era army jacket. Actually used by soldiers...and here I thought it was an old teenager air cadet/reservist jacket. One of those given to "not-really-a-soldier-yet" person. So that was kinda cool. Told him he could have it if he bought me a new jacket to replace it :P

Lazy Sunday, but I should get busy. I am working on a new jewelery design and still putting the odd piece up in my shop.

I'm taking the Handmade Pledge this year. :D
I Took The Handmade Pledge!

I can make Jake some cool t-shirts, Rhiannon some pony accessories, and family members cool scarves etc.

Plus I have the saw scarf to make yet, and some other ideas on the back shelf of my brain. :)